Stop Feeding Me

The gang just got home from Disney world and it was a wonderful time. It’s hard to call waking up at 8am and running around until 10pm a vacation but it really was fun. We had minimal whining and only one breakdown – which was a huge success.

By far the coolest and most worth it (besides my 5$ poncho) was the meal plan. It also ended up being the most disturbing aspect of our vacation.  The plan consisted of one sit down dinner, one fast meal and one snack per person per day. Our first venture with the plan was to a Cuban restaurant. I thought we’d have some prix-fix menu and be treated like vacation food-stampers but no; the plan included everything on the menu. Dan got the “Tour of Cuba” which was essentially a giant plate of meats and the whole thing was included in the plan. My mind was blown.

Then next day at breakfast we had our “quick meal.” Dan had an omelet, Ali had signature Mickey waffles and I had chocolate chip pancakes (I was on vacation). When we went to check out the lady informed us that the quick breakfast included everything but a dessert. This was our first red flag. Who eats dessert at breakfast?

The next day we had our quick lunch and they gave Dan and me a chocolate cake for dessert … each. Cake for lunch dessert, really? I mean a pudding, maybe a cookie sure but an entire piece of cake for lunch? Did they think I was going to have time to take a nap after this? This is Disney not the Caribbean.

After a few days of 1000-calorie breakfasts we all felt sluggish. But when Dan tried to get yogurt and cereal for breakfast and they told him no, that’s considered a “snack”. No wonder America is obese when a normal breakfast is considered a snack. Finally we found a place that served grapes as lunch dessert and we all sighed in relief. (I pretended to sigh a relief but it was more a sigh of sadness since I wouldn’t get a cookie) Thankfully we were walking around 8 hours per day so we only gained 5 pounds instead of 15.  Too bad now I crave breakfast desserts