Can't say Can't

Yay blogging! It’s been awhile. The twins finally nap on schedule, which means I have time to write. Here is what we have so far:

Ali wants a bunk be for her 5th birthday. Sure all kids deserve the right to have a palace in the sky. I’m more than happy with the idea of saving space. There’s only one problem: Ali can’t climb a ladder.

A Sticky Situation - By Darren Pecoraro

            I think that anyone who knows me would agree that I love my sister. I admire her for all she has endured in her life, more than any human being should ever have to. I consider her to have well above average intelligence, and her opinion carries great weight with me. Having said all that, let us now dispense with the bull. My sister did something recently that seems incomprehensible to me. Something so ridiculous, that this story practically writes itself.