I Don't Feel So Good

Some women glow when they’re pregnant. They just have a nice sense of calm about the fact that they have a baby inside of them. I am not that woman. Maybe it’s the twins but I find myself more sluggish, uncomfortable and grosser than ever. Here are some highlights of my journey:

1.     I lost weight.
a.     Yay, I’ve lost weight. No wait, I’m supposed to be gaining weight. God I cant even be pregnant correctly. It’s probably due to the all-day sickness and that sinus infection. Now it looks like I’m just carrying a basketball under my stomach. I still have to gain at least 20 pounds in the next 3 months. Scary thought for my skin, send cocoa butter
2.     My face
a.     I have heat rash on my face. Sure, read that sentence again … heat rash … on my face. I thought it was acne so of course I hit it with my arsenal of creams and scrubs that I’ve collected since my teen years.  Of course that is the worst thing you could possibly do to heat rash. My doctor told me it’s best to stay out of the sun. Great now I’m going to be fat and pale. Well, pale-er
3.     Narcolepsy
a.     I was tired with my first pregnancy, but this is just cruel. I’ll finally feel some energy to walk from my bedroom to the fridge only to stop and rest on the couch and immediately fall asleep. Thank god my daughter has been helpful in napping with me or at least not asking me play outside when I’m trying to regain my strength after a shower.
4.     Get that chicken away from me.
a.     I joined Weight Watchers after my first pregnancy and the only thing that kept me going was knowing that whenever I got pregnant again I’d be able to eat whatever I wanted. I’ve been dreaming of fried chicken and waffles ever since I saw it on Food Network and I saved this indulgence until I was pregnant again. Well lo and behold I can’t stand chicken. The very though of it makes me gag. There goes my hopes and drams of delicious southern friend chicken. My husband is devastated.
5.     Out of shape.
a.     I know I’m not necessarily in peak shape but this is ridiculous. I went to a class the other day and I had to walk 2 blocks. After class I walked one block to get food with a friend. We sat and ate for an hour. By that time I was so exhausted from walking 3 blocks over a 2-hour period that didn’t want to go home. Then when I got out of the train station I realized it wasn’t one flight to get out of the subway but two I had to pull over to the side to psyche myself up. I’m not saying I was a marathon runner before hand but I could at least conquer a staircase. I think this is what it feels like to have a heart condition.

All and all I really don’t like being pregnant. Maybe the next few months will be easier but adding 20+ pounds without the help of fried chicken is going to be difficult. Thankfully bacon is still in the cards for me.