I Don't Care. I Love It.

I am over women’s interests being crapped on. I was recently at an event for female writers and the question came up about whether or not you’ll be taken seriously if you call yourself a “mom blogger”. It’s beyond annoying that someone thinks me writing about something that is important to me will make me less of a serious writer. Sure my blog is about my kids but it’s a blog meaning it’s for me. If you read it that’s great if you think it sucks that’s cool too. I am the editor and chief and I will do whatever I want with it. If you wont take me seriously because of it then I don’t want to take you seriously. If I like it, it’s serious – period.

Why are women made to feel inferior about the things they like? Why the hell is everyone so quick to crap all over Pumpkin Spice coffee in October? Its delicious, it’s not stupid.  When pumpkin beer shows up at the bars and everyone lines up. Can you see my frustration?
If you watch pretty much any professional sporting event with my husband he can name where all the players went to college, what round they were drafted in and most likely where they went to high school. Most people find that impressive - I do as well. No one says “wow that sounds like a complete waste of your time” because it’s what he’s interested in and that makes it worthy.  So next time someone wants to talk about how espadrilles are coming back this season maybe you should think twice before rolling your eyes.
Also who cares if teenage girls cry when they go to concerts? They’re not psycho or stupid they’re just excited. They are most likely with an adult and will probably be home before bedtime – sounds pretty reasonable to me. They’re enjoying themselves and if you think that’s stupid you’re an asshole. I’ve seen grown men cry in public after the Steelers lost in the playoffs. Was anyone calling them stupid (me yes, I was) NO everyone was consoling each other on how terrible the loss was.
Guess what,  I like 50 Shades of Grey! NO it is not some landmark literary piece - it was easy to read and kept my attention. If that’s the kind of thing I feel like doing at the end of the day don’t scoff at my “mommy porn.” I also liked reading Twilight and guess what: I WENT TO SEE THE MOVIES! Did I make you go with me? No, but I enjoyed it and it was how I felt like spending my time and that’s good enough for me.
Oh and another thing, I like Katy Perry! Her songs are catchy and I appreciate her style. I hope “Roar” is in your head now.
I am a grown woman who takes care of her kids and keeps up to date on current events. If I want to read a goddamn People Magazine and spend hours on Pinterst I will!  No one will ever make me feel bad or stupid about the things I like! And labeling it “girly” or “mommy” will never make it a negative in my eyes.