Queen of the Carousel

A shiny new playground opened up not too far from our house and everyone came out of the woodworks to check it out. It was amazing; it had a pirate ship area, a beach, a new-age jungle gym that even I wanted to climb up and a sprinkler park to boot. If the new equipment wasn’t enough to draw a crowd the park also put up a carousel for the opening weekend.

With the news of a ride Dan and I decided to check it out. My plan was to try the playground first, then go for the carousel since Ali will have a melt down the second she has to get off the ride. After an hour of running around in the heat I was ready to hop on a glossy impaled horse. The line was only a few people deep, so it was perfect timing. As I scrambled through my purse to find a few dollars for a ticket one of the other moms informed me the carousel was free this weekend. What? Free rides? Score.

Ali and I were ready. As the turn before ours started to slow down we could barely hide our excitement. When the ride came to a full stop all of the mothers dragged their screaming children off the ride and back onto the line for an another turn. On closer examination, one mother DID NOT exit the ride. She just sat there continuing to feed her son Easy Mac while he was safely strapped to a lacquered horse.

The carousel attendant didn’t have much of a problem with this since there was enough room for everyone on the line. (Plus he didn’t seem to have it all together “up there,” you know?)Well I had a problem with it. When the ride stops you exit- end of story. You aren’t special. I don’t care that your son is in the middle of his lunch – he shouldn’t be eating his lunch on a spinning ride anyway. Find a bench dammit. I was so pissed at this woman I couldn’t enjoy the ride. I just glared at her during my entire turn on the carousel. Then when the ride was over she just sat there again.

The worst part was that she was so unfazed by the whole thing. Her and her son were just sitting there enjoying their day of free rides, like she owned the carousel. It wasn’t like her son was having a tantrum and the only thing that calmed him down was the ride; if she seemed like she was having a rough day I would have let it slide. But no, they were both fine. At the end the rest of us had to wrestle with our children to get off the ride amidst screams and sobs only to reassure them that we’ll be getting right back on the line. Of course all the kids were pointing out the fact that her kid didn’t have to get off. Thanks wench.

The whole thing pissed me off so much I left. Plus I haven’t been on a carousel in a few years so I wasn’t prepared for the motion sickness. Now that the park is officially “open” they removed the carousel. Good thing because there would be some mommy wars going on if they kept it going.