Thats the Last Time I Patron this Dollar Store

This one needs a hint of back story:
Lets begin with the fact that I like male gynecologists so much more than female. (yeah I just dove right into that subject) I mean I feel like the females are just “over it” and the males are just so much more excited about their work. Its like the difference between cats and dogs. 

Dogs Aren't Babies

I love dogs. This post is by no means a slight to the dog community. It’s more of a problem I have with the dog owner community. Having a dog is NOT the same as having kids. I love dogs. I grew up with two dogs that I love and cuddled, fed and cleaned up after. Dogs are part of the family but dogs are not children. Dogs don’t talk back and they don’t make scenes in restaurants.  If your dog has a cold you don’t have to take three days off of work to take care of it. If you want to go on a weekend getaway you can’t drop your kids off at a Kennel. You can drop them off at grandma’s but then you’ll get three phone calls a day asking “where is the diaper cream?” while you’re trying to relax on the beach. The only people who try to say their dog is their baby are people who don’t have babies.

Pappa - Papparazzi

            All of the hustle and bustle of the holidays has been murder on my daily schedule. But when my editor (I’m “press” now remember?) asked me to go cover a live red carpet fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Hospital with some of the New York Giants I jumped at the chance. I have never covered a live event before but I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants so far I figured I would continue. The event was held at the Build a Bear workshop in New York. I knew there would be some reality stars there that the editor wanted me to attempt to get an interview with. He had really low expectations of me but little did he know how charmingly awkward I am.

My First Date ... Play Date

Last week I became a true Hobokian and participated in my very first play date! I grew up in the suburbs of New Jersey where I called across the street  to see if anyone wanted to play but apparently that’s too complicated for kids today. Now that I’m in Hoboken I need to assimilate into the culture and let’s face it Ali is a bit to young to wander the streets by herself looking for friends. So I met a mother at baby yoga who was very nice. I had seen her around town a few times and eventually when I saw her for the fourth time I had the guts to ask for her email address.  I don’t have any “mom friends” in town and I figured since she was one of the only moms I’ve actually spoken to she was an excellent candidate for my first friend.

Worry Wart

I once read an interview with Jullianne Moore where she said before she had children she was filled with insecurities. She would worry about her red hair or her freckles. Now that she has children she doesn’t have time to worry about those insecurities anymore. It’s a nice story except my worries seem to have gotten weirder with motherhood. Im not too worried about my freckles, especially when my daughter tries to take my mole off my face saying “dirty”. Before her that may have sent me crying into the other room but now I laugh.