The Worst Monday

Nothing like a woodland creature attacking your child to get your blood flowing on a Monday morning. Okay that sounds like an exaggeration but let me share the story and you can be the judge.
It was a typical Monday morning, I got Ali off to school, the girls had their breakfast and they were ready to hit the hay for their morning nap. Everything was going smoothly when I saw Kendall had, what only can be described as a “piece of crap” on the back of her neck. It looked like a mole or a piece of chocolate. I tried to rub it off and nothing happened. Then I was thinking, “What the hell is this thing?” I noticed it almost peeled to one side like scab, but it wasn’t red or bleeding. I was very confused and wanted this garbage off my baby. Kendall wasn’t hurt, she was just annoyed her mother was messing around with the back of her neck. I finally squeezed it off. When I looked hard at this crap I pulled off her neck I saw that it hand tiny legs - it was a tick – I panicked.  

I Don't Care. I Love It.

I am over women’s interests being crapped on. I was recently at an event for female writers and the question came up about whether or not you’ll be taken seriously if you call yourself a “mom blogger”. It’s beyond annoying that someone thinks me writing about something that is important to me will make me less of a serious writer. Sure my blog is about my kids but it’s a blog meaning it’s for me. If you read it that’s great if you think it sucks that’s cool too. I am the editor and chief and I will do whatever I want with it. If you wont take me seriously because of it then I don’t want to take you seriously. If I like it, it’s serious – period.