Say Something!

Most of my readers know that not too long ago I was struggling with the fact that Ali was two years old and didn’t have much interest in talking. Thankfully these days I haven’t been able to shut her up but it was a long arduous journey from silence to constant chatter.

You asked for it

Here is my infamous horrible haircut:

Let's begin the comment contest!

Anyone who comments that the cut is "not that bad" will be given spam chain letters.
The winner will be given Pez.
Keep it clean, I know it's bad but the wounds are still fresh.

Ill Start the ball rolling:

  • The 90's called, they want their hair back.
  • I look like I should tuck my blouse into my pleated pants
  • This is what Sally Field was going for in Mrs Doubtfire.
Ok ready .... go!

Impulse or Idiot?

             It’s no secret that I’m pretty cheap. I buy generic everything from ketchup to toothpaste.  One of things I particularly skimp on is my haircut. After I had Ali getting my hair done seemed more like an errand than “me time”. Frankly if I have a rare spare hour to myself I’d rather take a nap or an uninterrupted shower than get myself dressed and ready to go outdoors to a hair appointment. So far I’ve kept my hair long and have been getting away with a trim every 6 months or so.

Christmas Aftermath

The holidays are over and my apartment has been de-decorated. Now I have to deal with the aftermath that is known as Ali’s new toy collection. I remember when I was pregnant with Ali I returned home from her baby shower to find my entire living room packed from corner to corner with baby accessories. I asked my mother “do I really need all this stuff?” and she said: “you’re going to want everything and anything that will keep that baby quiet.” Two years later and I’m still collecting things to keep that baby quiet.


After three and a half years of marriage you would think I would’ve gotten the hand of this “home economics” thing but that’s not exactly true. Sure I clean, I do laundry and I rear a child but I just cant bring myself to master cooking. It’s not that I can’t cook I just don’t want to cook … ever. Why is it so difficult? Maybe it’s because I’m an instant gratification type of person. I never know what I want to cook until I’m too hungry to cook it. It’s a daily battle.