My First Date ... Play Date

Last week I became a true Hobokian and participated in my very first play date! I grew up in the suburbs of New Jersey where I called across the street  to see if anyone wanted to play but apparently that’s too complicated for kids today. Now that I’m in Hoboken I need to assimilate into the culture and let’s face it Ali is a bit to young to wander the streets by herself looking for friends. So I met a mother at baby yoga who was very nice. I had seen her around town a few times and eventually when I saw her for the fourth time I had the guts to ask for her email address.  I don’t have any “mom friends” in town and I figured since she was one of the only moms I’ve actually spoken to she was an excellent candidate for my first friend.

I’ve been wondering where we should go on our first play date. I wasn’t going to invite her over because that may seem too forward. Plus two 2 year olds in 800 square feet is no ones idea of fun and the park seemed too impersonal. I found a play space online that was doing a free trial so I invited her. I was so excited and nervous about our first play date and I had no idea what to wear. Do I dress nice or do I dress like a “mom?” I decided to wear my elastic waist skinny jeans. That way if everyone was dressed down I could tuck in my shirt to show off the elastic band. If everyone was dressed nice I could just keep my shirt down. I put Ali in her nice play outfit so she looked clean but not like she was trying too hard.

I arrived a bit early to the playroom so I could stake out an area for me and my new friend to sit. About 2 minutes after she was scheduled to arrive I started to get nervous that I was going to get stood up on my first play date. I tried to keep it cool in front of the other mom groups but inside I was cursing myself for not getting her phone number. What is she was lost or her son got sick and couldn’t come? While I was sitting there wondering all the reasons she wouldn’t come she and her son walked in.  At this point I wasn’t sure if I should hug, or shake hands or what? So I went with an overly enthusiastic wave. (The double arm kind ..  I know I’m embarrassing) Ali and her son got along really well and she and I had a nice time talking about backsplashes.

After the play space closed Kate invited us to grab some chicken nuggets. I told her I had plans with my mom (I didn’t want to seem over eager, plus I really had plans with my mom). We decided to meet again in two weeks. On the way out I was still unsure if we should hug so I did my weird wave thing again. This time with one hand though so it wasn’t too awkward. Still, she probably thinks I’m a wave weirdo now. Next time I see her I’ll just have to dive in for the hug … then I may be weird hug girl, which is worse than wave girl. At least I have two weeks to figure it out.