Twins are great, but taking care of them is terrible. We’re three months in and it has been epic. I thought raising one baby was crazy. Ha! Wouldn’t that be a break! Instead of wallowing in responsibility I’ll look on the bright side and celebrate my tiny victories.

No one died.
Yes that’s right all three of my children are alive and well. We’ve only had a few minor colds that I thought were the worst illnesses on record but everyone survived. Sure there may have been a few times I questioned if I was going to make it, but I did so lets celebrate.

I’m Jacked
My arms are ready for this season’s hottest sleeveless trend. My stomach is still an amorphous blob but my arms are seriously cut. I could give Madonna’s yoga instructor a run for her money. Sure it helps that YOU CANT BRING STOLLERS INTO SCHOOL. So I have to carry both babies and lead Ali into the building. It’ s a total nightmare but it gets my blood flowing early in the morning so I got that going for me.

Crying all the time
There is rarely a time when someone is not crying. Sometimes we’re all crying together as a family. There is rarely a moment of silence and I’ve learned to get over it. I can go to my happy place and continue with the task at hand, which is usually dealing with a different crying baby.

Still nursing
I’m not sure how that’s happening.  Seriously I have no idea how I’m nursing twins. I think the main situation is that it shuts them up (see Crying all the time). I’ve always known I’ve had some wonderful boobs but I never tapped into their true power until the twins. Less than 30 seconds next to my lady lump and they are silenced. I’ve even mastered nursing them both at the same time … well maybe not mastered, but at least finagled. And hey, anything that gets me out of doing extra dishes is a win for me.

Ali: Alpha Child

Ali is really into jamming her face as close as possible to her sisters’. I’m pretty sure it’s a display of dominance like “Hey baby! You can’t hold your head up but look what I can do with mine! I own you!” Seriously she’s doing very well with her sisters. Sometimes I think she loves them too much, like that time she tried to pick up the baby from her seat to give her a hug. That was fun.