Positive Notes

I think we can all agree that this past week sucked. With the massive damage from hurricane Sandy (don’t call it a “superstorm”, this isn’t a Michael Bay movie) there is a lot for us to complain about but I’ve been trying to keep my head high and remember the positive things going on.

1.     We were the lucky ones.
      Looking around my town and the surrounding areas, my family is lucky. None of us lost our homes and my parents had a generator. So really we had the family together, a DVD player, cold and hot food plus a roof over our heads. In this situation, and really any situation, we couldn’t have asked for more. Also somehow my father got the heat working. He said it involved wire splicing. At that point I was too afraid to ask questions .The heat we were felling was most likely some sort of internal electrical fire, but either way we were warm.  
2.     Ali has been extremely co-operative.
Being without power is very difficult. Having no power and a three year old to entertain is near impossible. Thankfully she’s been happy as a clam with the same three puzzles for the past week. Also she’s been really open to non-cartoon movies. I’m not sure why but she really likes Independence Day or as she liked to call it “Aliens movie”. (No one said I was perfect but desperate times call for desperate measures). She’s also had about 90 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches without hesitation. Looking back, I think she had the most fun out of everyone.
3.     Strangely enough, good time to be pregnant.
There was nothing, I mean nothing to do but sit around on a couch. It was nature’s way of putting me on bed rest and I never felt better.
4.     Reading
For the first time in god knows when I was able to sit and read a book. Most moms know what an insane luxury that is.
5.     Hatchets were buried.
So during last year's hurricane Irene one of our neighbors was less than hospitable. Instead of confronting them we just went on with our lives passive aggressively giving them the side eye and pretending not to see them when they waved. Well this hurricane the neighbors went above and beyond to make sure we, and the surrounding neighbors, were doing well.  They’ve either turned a new leaf or our “message” was heard loud and clear.
6.     Stroke of good luck
So Dan parked our car about 2 blocks form the river on Sunday night. IT has never flooded in that area but Monday afternoon Dan decided to move it inland a little bit. Good thing since all the cars on that block were floating down the street not 12 hours later.
7.     No heat, no problem.
I’m sure I’ve mentioned the fact that I’ve been dying of heat exhaustion since day one. Well this hurricane and lack of heat was actually quite nice for me. I slept like a baby in my sports bra while the thermometer read 55 degrees. Thankfully Ali was in the bed next to me and was toasty warm next to her space heater mother.  Nature really is mysterious.
8.     I didn’t go into labor!
      Lets face it, if I was going into early labor is was definitely going to be during the full moon of the hurricane. I really tried to do nothing on Monday but I knew that if the babies were coming; no amount of wind rain or flooding was going to stop them. I was reading up on home births just in case. Of course Monday night I pee’d my pants a little (Get over it, it’s normal in pregnancy, There is a lot going on down there OK!) And I had a heart attack that my water broke. Thankfully nothing happened. So that’s always good.