Halfway Mark

We’re actually a little bit past the halfway mark but with the rate I’m moving I’m lucky I got this post in at all. Much has changed since I last checked in about the pregnancy. Here are some of the highlights (maybe lowlights?)

My Appetite is back with a vengeance.
I know I said before that I could barely eat well not anymore. I feel like a puppy that could just eat and eat until my stomach exploded. It’s not that I’m hungry but I’m not not hungry so I eat. My poor husband comes home from work to find the house barely has anything in it for an actual meal but we have enough Hostess cakes to feed an army. And that’s not even counting my hidden stash. That’s right, I hide snacks from my three year old. I’m allowed to go into diabetic shock, she isn’t. Well maybe I’m not supposed to go into diabetic shock, but I’m an adult so ha.

My hips are opening due to the weight of all the babies.
I told the doctor my hips are hurting and she explained to me that normal since they’re cracking open – yeah no big deal just bones cracking open. Now it’s hard to move around a lot since my hips lock up after standing/sitting still for less than a minute. Think about how terrible sleeping is. Thank god I stole a body pillow from my mom’s house. My poor husband hates the thing but I think he’s just jealous that I spoon with the pillow every night instead of him.

Patience is thin.
To say I’m cranky is an understatement. If you’ve read my previous post “I would love to sit” you know just how hormonal I’ve gotten. I have no patience for strangers and god forbid you don’t open a door for me. I will mutter so hard under my breath that if you heard me you’d be afraid. Also pregnancy is probably not the best time for me to be teaching Ali to ride a bike. I think yelling, “If you don’t pay attention to the goddamn road you’re going to fall and hurt yourself and I will say I told you so” probably isn’t the best way to foster a love of bike riding. Poor girl hoped off after a block and half and I was left carrying the thing back home as my punishment.

Ali is in school.
To add to my lack of patience Ali is learning some not-so-fun things at school. Whining is now her primary means of communication. Also since there are a lot of changes going on she’s big into ignoring me (I should probably just get used to it) and saying “no. ” She was never a big “no” say-er before so I can only assume one of the brats in her class taught her this. I can handle the ignoring and the fighting but for the love of god please stop the whining. The second that high-pitched whimper comes out I lose it. I make her whine alone in her room now. She kind of thinks it’s fun to sit her in room and whine so at least we have that working for us.

Nails and hair are not as lustrous.
You know that pregnancy glow that most women get? Not here. And the great hair and nails that come with all those pre-natal vitamins? Not me. Nope these twins are eating up any nutrients I put down there. My hair is dry and my nails are breaking left and right. I guess the up side is that I will have more lustrous hair and stronger nails after I have the babies. So, at least I have that to look forward to, right? Right?

Have some energy but not enough oxygen.
Thankfully I’m no longer falling asleep on the couch as much but that doesn’t mean I’m up running around. The less room my lungs have the less activity I can accomplish. That like saying the only thing I have the energy to do is sit on the couch and watch TV – which is a really accurate statement.

All else is going well. The babies are doing fine.  See you next trimester!