I Would Love To Sit

There has been along standing debate on whether or not chivalry is dead. There is no better way to test the theory than when you’re pregnant.
Living in such close proximity to New York City I’m constantly using public transportation. When I first started showing I was uncomfortable with the outpouring of nice people who would willingly give me their seats on the train. I remember one Friday night when I was on my way home plenty of young men who were wooing their dates would offer me their seats. Sorry, but I really don’t feel like sitting next to your girlfriend. I’m glad your tying to look chivalrous but I’ll pass. Although I hope I helped your chances of getting laid -just remember where that leads -use protection.

Now that I’m larger and more uncomfortable I’ll take whatever I can get when it comes to public transportation seats. One nice young man gave me the obligatory: "you wanna sit?” and I responded Yes. I could see the disappointment in his face but I was just waiting 3 minutes on an un-air-conditioned platform. I needed a break.

I would just like to point out a general note to the public: If you’re offering someone your seat, you should get up. Don’t just sit there and say things like “Did you want to sit down?” Of course I want to sit down, I don’t want to sit in your lap, get up. I’m not going to take the seat until you move. And maybe put a shave more effort into it. When I graciously say: “No, thank you so much for asking.” You shouldn’t let the conversation die- I was just being polite. You should press harder, if you ask me twice then, yes. Yes I will sit down.

Now that I’m crankier I’m getting really good at giving people the evil eye when they don’t get up. If you are an able-bodied young person and you’re sitting in the front of the bus reserved for “pregnant people” and you don’t even look me in the eye while I’m carrying a toddler when I get on the bus, you bet I’m secretly pushing voodoo pins in your body with my eyes and bad karma is coming your way! Sorry, the hormones make me vindictive. 

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