After three and a half years of marriage you would think I would’ve gotten the hand of this “home economics” thing but that’s not exactly true. Sure I clean, I do laundry and I rear a child but I just cant bring myself to master cooking. It’s not that I can’t cook I just don’t want to cook … ever. Why is it so difficult? Maybe it’s because I’m an instant gratification type of person. I never know what I want to cook until I’m too hungry to cook it. It’s a daily battle.

            It wasn’t so bad when I was working full time because my husband would cook. Now that I’m home full time I feel responsible for meals. Dan isn’t some sort of chauvinist but if he’s working all day he deserves a meal. It doesn’t help that I give him the business when I get home from work when he’s been home all day and I find clean clothes out. Seriously he puts all his clothes away but will leave mine out because he “doesn’t know where they go.” Really? I have 5 drawers, your 100,000.00 college education didn’t teach you how to figure out which clothes go where? One drawer is filled with just socks; you’d think that one was self-explanatory. 
            I digress, I think my main problem is how horribly cheap I am. I get overwhelmed with the amount of ingredients a recipe calls for and when I start adding up the costs in my head cooking seems pointless. Seriously, if meat is $1.99/ pound plus 6-8$ worth of produce then say $2.00 for a side were taking about $10.00 so far. Now let’s not forget the value of my time. Say I only give myself minimum wage of $7.00/hr (which is half what I pay my babysitter FYI) Let's say from set up to clean up the whole meal takes 2 hours. Now this meal that I have to put effort into is at $24.00 total. Hello! I can get a pizza delivered to my house for that much and I only have to leave the couch to get the door. Can you see my struggle? Too bad it’s not exactly healthy to get take out everyday. So I’m left with Hamburger helper. Who can deny one pound one pan? Plus no chopping, I hate chopping.