Missing the comforts of home.

Since I’ve moved off to Hoboken life has been good. I walk more, I play more and I’m finally tan.. well tann-ish. But every now and then I start to miss some of the modern comforts suburbia has to offer. The first would probably be the luxury of parking your car in front of your home. I think I’ve gotten a spot in front of my building three times and only because it was street cleaning day and I shouldn’t have been parked there. But the main thing I long for is my dry cleaner Lee. A drycleaner, you ask? Yes. I had gone to her maybe three times as a teen to unwillingly drop off some shirts for my dad and she not only knew my name she knew exactly who I was picking up for. She’d even ask detailed questions about my mom and brothers. When I started going there for my husband she would ask “Are you picking up for Dad or Dan?” in her heavy Vietnamese accent. Eventually she began to recognize my car and would have the clothes ready by the time I walked in. She was the nicest lady on the plant, she would ask about my daughter and how daycare was going. When we moved about 20 minutes away from her and we still kept going, you cant get service like that just anywhere. She was even was a bit more expensive than any other drycleaner but we still kept going. And those who know how cheap I am realize how good she must have been. When we said our goodbyes to move to Hoboken she told me I could drop my stuff off with her anytime, me who knows it all told her I’d have to find someone up here.            
Little did I know what a task that would be! I found a dry cleaner up here with a similarly nice Asian lady. When I went to go pick them up it was a differnt man at the counter. He didn’t so much as say Hi to me he just took my ticket and grabbed the pants. I didn’t think much of it since I was tired that day too. The next time I went there he seemed annoyed that I was interrupting whatever else it was he was doing. I know there are about twenty other drycleaners I could use but at this point I want him to like me. I am always chipper when I see him and I make sure Ali is dressed really cute. I think maybe I hope the nice Asian lady will come and help but she hasn’t been around since. I think maybe she’s a bait to get you to drop off your clothes. Or she left because she couldn’t take the cranky man. I really cant stop going to them until I get to the bottom of this.