Is it the Glasses?

I don’t know what’s happening lately but everyone has been taken aback when I tell him or her how old I am. I was at work yesterday and the manager almost stumbled when I said I was only 25. I know I’m married with a child, which is a lot more responsibility than most 25 year olds take on, but I don’t think I really look that old.
Unfortunately this has been going on long before I gave birth. People have thought I was older since I was 16. Not because I ran around dressed up like a hussy, it’s probably because I’ve been dressing like a soccer mom since middle school. Seriously I had 5 or 6 warm-up suits I wore everyday.  
My parents used to have to volunteer at Bingo for my brothers’ school and somehow they were able to guilt me into doing it for them. (I didn’t have a car and if I ever wanted to use their minivan I had to put in the man-hours) The other parents were confused by my presence and thought I had a kid in the school. Hello I was 16. Most of them admitted they though my fake kid would be in preschool at the most but that’s still embarrassing. At least when I was 16 it was cool to look older, that meant I wouldn’t have as much trouble getting into bars when I got into college.
It’s still happening even after I turned 21. My best friend since childhood, Megan, is the same age as me. (6 months older if we want to get technical) She has a younger sister who is the same age as my younger brother Richard. After graduating college Megan and I would help out our parents by taking our siblings to the doctor or dentist. Meg’s dentist thought her younger sister was older than her and my doctor asked if I was Richards’s mom. What? I wasn’t even wearing a warm up suit! Maybe it’s the glasses, maybe its because I’m an old soul, I don’t know but its certainly annoying.