There are no dumb questions.

Well 11 months have gone by in the blink of an eye. I know you’ve missed me but I’ve been busy lounging around relaxing all day getting pedicures and what not – yeah right.  I may not be hitting the salon but I’m getting the hang of it. Though, I never realized how much attention the girls and I would get while we were out and about. I’ve gotten somewhat used to the stares and the pointing and “awing” but the questions always amuse me.  Here is a random sampling of the questions I get asked by strangers almost every day.

Are they twins?
Are you blind? They are literally the same exact person. I can only assume this question is meant to be some sort of ice breaker. Instead of opening up a conversation you’ve just convinced me that you’re senile. Get a new opener.

How can you tell them apart?
I don’t. Since we got their ears pierced with different earrings it’s been easier. Not joking about that. When I’m not sure who’s who, I cheat.

Have you ever mixed them up?
Yes, I’m a sleep-deprived human being. I’ve spent entire evening with Kendall thinking she was Kennedy. Don’t hate, it was dark and it’s even harder to tell when they’re crying.

Have you ever fed one and not the other?
Once. Don’t worry I figured it out pretty quickly. Kendall’s earth-shattering scream may have been the hint I needed to stop feeding Kennedy and make her a bottle.

Do they talk to each other?
Babies don’t talk, dummy. They mostly yell at me and not one another. One will usually laugh while the other cries. The other day it was really cute when Kennedy was trying to step onto Kendall’s stomach. Kendall found this hilarious and was just lying there laughing while her sister tried to trample her – adorable.

Do they do everything together?
Nope. Don’t get me wrong, they are on a tight schedule with eating and naps but as far as play time goes they could care less - unless one has a toy that looks interesting. Then all hell breaks loose. They can spend minutes each day stealing the one toy from the other. I usually have two of the same toys, but the one that isn’t being played with is not as fun, obviously.

God, I don’t know how you do it.
Less of a question, more of a statement. I try not to think about what I’m doing and just do it. Though I appreciate the attempt, maybe, at encouragement. How about you NOT act like my life is much sucky-er than yours.

I wish I had twins.
I don’t know how to answer that except with: “No, you don’t” or maybe “Thanks?” They girls are cool but oh my god are they hard. Would I change it? Probably, I mean one at a time would help. Though ripping it all off like a band-aid is sometimes easier.