Too Public of a Restroom

Although I spend most of my time cowering indoors with the twins, every now and then I venture out into the world and I’m still amazed at the things I find. The other day I was at the mall with my mom trying to nail down some birthday gifts for my husband. We hit up Macy’s and were able to scoop up everything we needed in a single stop – completely essential when you have twins and a four year old who’s too big to be strapped into a stroller.

When we finished, everyone needed to go to the bathroom, get changed, have a bottle etc. etc. - Story of my life. Instead of cramming all 5 of us into a stall in the women’s room, we thought it would be a better idea to head down the corridor into the “family restroom”. It’s just a giant bathroom with no stalls but plenty of room to move around.

We got in and got everyone going. I was feeding Kennedy and my mom was changing Kendall when there was a quiet knock on the door. I yelled “one minute.” Well this tiny foreign lady peeked her head in anyway.  I said “Hi’ assuming she would realize she waked in on a family using the restroom but that wasn’t this lady’s style.  

The lady gestured towards the unused toilet bowl and came right in. She walked over, dropped her pants (in front of my family) pee’d, then got up and walked out. Now, I’m not just glancing over the normal peeing routine, like TP or washing hands, no she literally just walked out – no wipe, no wash. I wish I had more details about the events that happened, but if I took my eyes off Kennedy for one second I would have died laughing at this strange lady. 

Meanwhile my four year old was staring at her asking “What's she doing?” I couldn’t make eye contact with Ali so I mumbled “going to the bathroom.” Then, of course Ali needs to follow up with: “what’s she making? Poopy or pee pee?” Thank god she was only making pee pee. If I heard any splashes I wouldn't be able to contain my laughter, then this foreign lady would remember America by some strange mother who was hysterical laughing at her own baby in the bathroom.

I’m sure it was extremely normal behavior in some parts of the world but it was not normal for Ali - who didn’t want to use toilet paper when it was her turn either.  I think it’s safe to stay that I’ll be using the regular bathroom from now on, or at least double-checking the lock on the door.