The Name Game

The date is set. On December 27th (Or today and anytime in between if there is a god) I will be welcoming two, still unnamed princesses into the world. Seriously, we have no names.
 I’m not one of those idiots who “doesn’t share names,” I just have no idea what to name them. I mean we have some ideas but anything I’ve liked so far I get too used to then start to hate. We had our boys’ names ready to go but we’ve never been good at picking girls names. It doesn’t help that my husband has an issue with every girl who’s ever had a name.  Plus anytime we end up having a name conversation it starts off good then we stop taking it seriously and I start throwing out names like “Hester.”

Right now our choices are
  • ·      Kendall and Regan
  • ·      Jaclyn and Margaret (Jackie and Maggie)

I think I’m over Kendall and Regan and I’m cooling on Jackie and Maggie. We also have some loners:
  • ·      Morgan

That’s it for the loner. (I said it was a loner)

I’ve been trying to clear my head. I think I’m just counting on them to come to me in the moments of drug induced clarity right before the doctor pulls them out on the operating table. Please feel free to help. But note that if you put any for of Isabelle or Isabella or Bella our friendship is over.