I’ve known my best friend since I was 6 years old.  Our sleepovers turned into drunken all-nighters in our parent’s basements and now have grown into long dinners of Tapas and Sangria. Since we graduated college we’ve both taken our own paths but still stay very close. We’re the two who can go months without talking yet the next time we see each other it’s as if a day hasn’t even passed. It really is a true friendship – not to say we don’t have our hiccups.

Lately the only people I talk on the phone with daily are my husband or my parents. Everyone else is usually a quick text or email. The other day I actually called my friend to make plans for dinner. I wasn’t paying attention and when I went to hang up I said, “OK, I love you, bye.” Immediately after I said it I caught myself and followed it with a “No I don’t … that’s weird … see you later” Do you know what her response was? It was barely audible, but she let out an “ugh. “ As in “Ugh, Kelly you are so weird.” I think a “Thank you” would have been more appropriate after 20 years of friendship.  Seriously she is my best friend, the maid of honor at my wedding and all I got was an “ugh.” I think other than her responding with “I’ve loved you my whole life, I’m glad you said something” Her response of “ugh” Is probably the worst response ever to an accidental “I love you.”

It’s been a few weeks since the incident and neither of us have brought it up. It will probably end up being one of those embarrassing friend moments we never speak of again. Although I’m sure in another 20 years if we have a huge fight I’ll inevitably bring it up by saying “And you never said ‘Thank you’ when I told you ‘I love you’!”