Itching for Number 2

The question every mother of a 2-year-old gets is: ”so when’s the next one coming?” There are two ways to answer that question depending on the manner in which it is asked. You can either respond by looking directly at your husband who has already gone pale with fear. Or if the person who asks you is male and gestures to your belly as if you are already pregnant when you aren’t, the correct response is to punch them in the face.

Thankfully lately, I haven’t given out too many punches in the face but I’ve been trying to figure out a way to turn my husband’s fear into excitement. Don’t get me wrong I’m not 100% ready to have a second child. (Ali has only just mastered how to eat by herself; I think I will enjoy that for a while.) But you have to understand I need to plant these ideas in my husband’s head well in advanced in order to ensure their fruition (does anyone else hear the theme to INCEPTION right now?). I had to tell him we were having a christening on the day we found out I was pregnant. I plan to purchase a house in 2012 so I’ve been talking about it since 2009 … these things take time. 

So far Dan has been perpetually 1 year away from being “ready” to have another child. When Ali turned 1 he would be ready the following September. Just last Christmas he said he would be ready this Christmas, then when he got his review in March he said he would be ready in march of 2012.

Little did Dan know I have a secret weapon up my sleeve: Baby Michaela

Michaela is my co-workers, chubby, bubbly, blue-eyed, cute as ever baby girl. She comes second, only to my daughter Alison. (Sorry Daniela, you’re a mom, you understand) So I had a secret plan to get Dan to my brothers baseball game where Michaela would be there waiting. The whole ride to the game I was telling him how funny it is to hold a baby who looks chubby and they turn out feeling so light since we’re used to carrying around a 30 pound 2 year old.

When we arrived at the field I saw Michaela and her mom, I went over to say hi and told her to come on over to see Dan. The plan was in motion. When they came over Dan said “you’re baby is cute” (Look at the picture, she’s a cute baby) I said “Dan feel how light she is” and promptly shoved the baby at him so he couldn’t say no. The two looked at each other smiling for about 2 minutes making each other laugh. (I’m diabolical)

On the way home from the game he said” You know Ali is getting so big, she’s not a baby anymore.” I said, “I know” then he said, “I think maybe it’s time to have more” VICTORY! The only thing is that he said we could start trying in March... So not complete success but at least it’s less than a year! Thanks Michaela.